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West Auckland and St Helen`s Community
 Brought to you by Darren Fairclough

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Educated firstly at Copeland  Road Junior and Infants school and then moved on to Oakley Cross when it first Opened. From the I went to King James Comprehensive. When I left there I went on to a YTS and became a factory worker, decided to go back to night school and put right what I should have done first time round, ( I will emphasize that for the kids that's reading  this stick in at school." I then got a job with the local ambulance service served my time and qualified as a paramedic,  did some more study in management and then continued studying for a degree in pre-hospital care. Now work as a team leading paramedic at Bishop Ambulance station for the North East Ambulance Service.

So why West Auckland Web.

After qualifying as a paramedic, although I grew up with computers (ZX Spectrum, BBC micro and the Amiga 500) I didn't really no how to use a PC. I bought one with Windows 95,  taught myself how to use MS Dos and windows,  and thought about the web this was in 1998 - 99 just as the web was making an impact.  West Auckland did not have a dedicated website (the was a presence of some history about west but not dedicated to it,) West for a small village having so much history, just needed to be on the web.  So I thought why not build one, I never done it before haven't a clue how but I will start somewhere. so whilst learning how to use HTML (internet language) I used publisher to build my website and then convert it.  Over the years its changed 6 times, and finally rebuilt  using serif webplus 6.

About Me

I am a West Auckland resident born and bred. I have lived in 3 areas of West, grew up on Oakley Green, Spent a short while at Copeland Road, then on to Chapel street. Moved out from my folks and lived on Manor Road in St Helens and then onto Mayfield Walk also in St Helens.

So really West Auckland Web is my hobby, as well as others that I have which is Running (currently a competitive member of Crook Athletic Club whilst for Shildon Athletic Club I am currently a Middle Distance Coach and Run Leader. I also enjoy Cycling, swimming and the occasional triathlon. Over the last 5 years I have been getting really interested in Photography, my current site is


I have taken landscape, portrait  photography and many other. I have my own portable studio that I can take to peoples homes that have a large enough area.

   I take photos of things that change and keep them stored for the future. I have in the region of perhaps 5 - 10 gb of photos and video of west for future generations to view in the form of another project for when I retire.