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West Auckland and St Helen`s Community
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On Tuesday 26th September  (??2000), crowds gathered on a dull and drizzly evening to watch  locals residents hurl themselves of the 200 foot crane, plummet to the ground and rebound back, on the end of a bungee. The event took place in the grounds of  Jousters Restaurant, St Helen Auckland (Old Drive in Motel near Cash and Carry).

First to Jump was organiser and owner of Jousters Restaurant, Mark Row, as can be seen on the left, shaken but not stirred, but relieved  it's all over

Next to Jump  was Jane Frost from Bishop Auckland, supported by Family, Jane jumped to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis. Her mum, Stella Gethe, was so impressed that she decided to give it ago.  One jump wasn't enough Jane, so she had a second go.

West Auckland Lass Melody Pinder, as seen below , Had absolutely no hesitation when confronted with the fear that runs through your body when you are staring down at the people below, after her feat she described it as absolutely brilliant.

Tracy Turvey, also of West Auckland had the crowd gripped with anticipation as she held on and held on and held on until she finally persuaded herself to let go and freefall. Tracy who was raising money for the charity, Active Aid, said "it was fantastic," and signed up, to do it again and this time without the hesitation.

Finally, Darren Tray, of Bainbridge Court, St Helen Auckland, accompanied in the cage by his girlfriend, Nicola Lazenby, (in case he needed a push) took the leap of faith without fuss of hesitation,

Bungee Jumping (ex Drive in Motel.)

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